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Welccome to Free the Food......  Our mission: To increase the public's awareness of the shocking amounts of food and water that is wasted each day not only in America, but around world.
All future posts will contain statistics (along with links to their source), related news articles, suggestions about volunteering with organizations dedicated to the equitable distribution of food in your community, and images that are worth thousands of words.

Here we go.......

To refer to any establishment or that feeds the hungry as a "soup kitchen" is to denigrate its patrons.

"63 of emergency food program clients have a high school or college education" 
"23 million Americans rely on emergency food assistance"
 Source: http://www.foodbankcny.

I am one of many volunteers at Loaves and Fishes, a community kitchen in Ithaca, NY that serves nutritious meals to hundreds of people from all walks of life. At Loaves, there is no criteria for admission. ALL are welcome.  Lunch is served monday, wednesday and friday; dinner tuesday and thursday. Learn more about this exemplary organization at:

Waste not......

"40% of all the food produced in the US is thrown out."  "Food is the third largest waste stream after paper and yard waste."   "Food waste accounts for more than a quarter of freshwater consumption....... 300 million barrels annually."  

Want not.....

Do you know of any individual or family who is in need of food?  Programs abound......  Get involved.... discuss this issue with your neighbors..... your children.... their children.  There is no need for anyone to go hungry.  EVER. The solution to world hunger is only a matter of distribution.

Why not?......

Start locally. Imagine globally.

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Arthur Dubrul Daniels


  1. yo.
    very nice. let me know if you get this.
    what amazing things you guys are doing.
    you should be very proud.

  2. What an excellent concept for a blog and it is not merely a concept, as working to eradicate hunger in the world takes committed action and a sea change in our ways of thinking. Such an urgent matter goes largely unspoken in America... Thank you for creating this site and for your part in increasing awareness about widespread hunger and the massive waste, Arthur. Your efforts are appreciated!!